Crestview Park will be Getting a Facelift

Park to get synthetic turf, possible makeover of basketball courts.

Crestview Park in San Carlos may look a little spiffier in a few months thanks to plans for a makeover of the facilities.

While the scope and a detailed blueprint have yet to be finalized, the overall idea is to provide more park within the limited boundaries.

The $1,760,000 renovation, completely funded, will likely bring synthetic turf to the soccer field, updated playground equipment and possible do overs with the basketball courts.

Additional parking was discussed but will probably not get the go-ahead.

The project was presented as part of the budget update at Wednesday's Parks and Recreation Commission meeting.

Overall, completed projects have come in at or under budget.

Also discussed was the $1,150,000 Burton Park Phase II development plan, which includes a permanent stage, bocce courts, basketball court renovation and general landscaping.

Long said there would be a community outreach program to present the plan.

The trails and bridges have been completed at Big Canyon and Eaton Parks and a Grand Opening celebration has been tentatively scheduled for Sept. 15 at 10 a.m.

San Carlos' Tom Morris, a volunteer trail builder, took the lead on the project and basically built all the bridges and carved out a new trail loop.

"You have to appreciate all the time Tom has put in," Gordy Burton told the commission. "He has put in thousands of hours. He's a great resource."

Other items included:

  • A preliminary report is in the works for a possible skate park in San Carlos.
  • Community Gardening could be developed depending upon finding a location.
  • The school district approached the Parks and Rec Department about taking over the middle school sports programs, which features a total of 16 sports.

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Cindy Cross September 06, 2012 at 08:36 PM
What a shame! We moved to San Carlos because we love nature and being surrounded by it in the San Carlos Hills. The residents of San Carlos (and especially the residents of the San Carlos Hills) fought for no turf at Highlands Park. Where do our children go to put their feet in the grass, lay down in the lawn and look at the stars, chase their dog? What will our City do next? This is just wrong! Highlands is already turf. Isn't that enough? Where will they stop?
K Mark September 07, 2012 at 06:21 PM
As a resident in the San Carlos Hills, I am disappointed to hear that the beautiful grassy field at Crestview is going to be replaced with "fake, plastic grass." We should be the "City of Good Living and Plastic Grass." Have you ever gone to Crestview Park on a beautiful, warm day- you will find community members of all kinds: flying kites with their children, frisbee with their dogs, playing ultimate frisbee courses, kids tumbling around in the grassy field, picnics in the grass, using the walking course, and more! It is a beautiful site! Highlands may look "pretty and green" but it's not the same feeling underfoot. This park has been in need of a "facelift" for some time. I agree that new/safer more interesting playstructure should be available to the nearby families, basketball courts should be updated - but to replace the field with turf is NOT a facelift - it is a crime. The hills community has already lost a nearby park to turf - why not update Burton Park - that field has lights, so (like Highlands) Burton Park could be used into extended hours. I'm not sure how the community in the area of Burton Park would like that idea. Recently water costs were discussed as part of the maintenance of the fields in town. Let's invest in some better, efficient watering systems - let's gather the rain and disperse when needed. There are other options and the local families need to take a stand on losing another beautiful, truly GREEN area. Let's keep San Carlos beautiful.
Holly Bell March 06, 2013 at 01:25 AM
Horrible idea to plasticize beautiful grassy Crestview. Go ruin some other communities parks, leave San Carlos alone!! I'm already ashamed to show visitors Highlands Park since it was ruined by fake grass - it is revolting to everyone. Haven't you people got any better ideas? If you want toxic fake plastic greenery in your life then do your own yard and leave our parks alone.


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