UPDATE: Car Crushed by Eucalyptus Tree Near Burton Park

The car was still in motion driving on Cedar when it was struck by the tree.

A car was reportedly crushed by a fallen eucalyptus tree on Cedar Street at Burton Park just before the "Summer Concert Series" featuring the band Aya Vu was scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.

The minivan was still in motion, driving on Cedar when it was struck.  Four people were in the van when this happened. 

They are extremely lucky to have not been serious injured or killed.

Neighbors reported hearing "a very loud crash" that resulted in the damage.

These trees have been the subject of debate and slated for removal because they were deemed dangerous.

The topic was brought up Wednesday at the Parks and Recreation Commission meeting, at which time Parks and Rec Director Doug Long said the issue was on the agenda for the next city council meeting on August 27.

The city had received an arbor's report recommending that the city replace all 23 trees in Burton Park because of their condition. The trees, dating to the infancy of San Carlos, also have historical status.

The Planning Department has the final say on the replacing of the trees, though they were waiting for remarks from the city council.

At the same meeting, San Carlos resident John Hoffmann had called for the removal of a specific eucalyptus tree that he contended rested on city property in the vicinity of Big Canyon Park.

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Andrew Marks August 25, 2012 at 08:01 PM
I am really concerned about the lack of urgency that the city council is putting on this issue. Weave had two cars crushed by those enormous trees and there are frequent soccer and baseball games under these apparently dead trees as well as hundreds of kids passing under them on a daily basis. Are you waiting for one of our kids to get seriously injured or worse before you take some action?


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