Running Course Closed for Maintenance

The popular Crystal Springs Cross Country Course will be closed for approximately two weeks for general maintenance.

Runners and hikers who frequent the , located off Hallmark Drive in Belmont, will have to find an alternative route over the next few weeks while contractors perform some general maintenance to the 5K+ course.

During the estimated two-week project, the entire area will be closed to the public and the gates will be locked. Work is scheduled to begin Aug. 13 and be completed Aug. 24.

According to Bob Rush, the cross country meet manager and course director, the work will entail smoothing out the trails with a grader, cleaning out culverts, cutting back intrusive brush and poison oak, and cutting some drain openings in the berm to allow water to disburse off the course to reduce erosion.

The , which holds the permit for the course, has hired the construction company Robert A. Bothman, Inc. to do the work. Bothman is also the company doing all the improvements on the CSM campus. The property is owned by the San Francisco Water Department.

Rush points out that all of the the course features and distances will stay the same, thus ensuring that race records are intact. No additional trails will be added. 

"I'll be out there everyday to be sure the contractor leaves the course as is," said Rush.

The work is being done prior to the 2012-13 cross country season, which begins in September. The course is used by middle and high schools as well as colleges and running clubs. When meets or practices are not taking place on the course, it is open to the public.

"We have a full permit from SFWD, an environmental impact report, and a permit from the to bring in trucks," said Rush.

"CSM is spending a lot of money on the course, and it's going to be in the best shape it's ever been in," he added.

For a map of alternative running/hiking trails in Belmont, click here.

Steve Hayes August 13, 2012 at 03:56 PM
The CC course is very nice. However I wonder- Why are dogs on leash not allowed in the area? I do not understand the "harm" they might cause. Why are mountain bikes not permited on Sheep Ranch Trail? - that would be a great and safe way to get to Canada Road. For the most part, the tail is a utility road so bikes would not cause any damage.
Joan S. Dentler August 13, 2012 at 04:04 PM
Hi Bob....I believe the reason dogs are not allowed on the CCCC trail is that it is a protected wildlife refuge---you've probably seen the deer, jack rabbits, snakes, bobcats and other animals that make that watershed property their own. HOWEVER, did you know you can take a short walk up Wakefield Dr., right on Somerset and just to your left, you'll find a trail head that leads to John Brooks Open Space---miles and miles of dog and bike friendly hiking trails (see map link in article above)


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