Emay’s Sweet Shop Offers New Fall and Halloween Candy

Emay’s Sweet Shop adds variety to its already great collection of candy by stocking up on new treats for Halloween and fall.

[Editor's note: The author is a student journalist from Carlmont High School.]

located at Carlmont Shopping Center currently features candy specifically for Halloween and the fall.

The sweet shop has a variety of goods. There are many types of candy including a variety of saltwater taffy, jelly beans, M&Ms, gummies, chocolate, and gift bags for children’s birthday parties or special events.

In addition to candy, the store also sells birthday cards, key chains, and stuffed animals.

The candy offered at Emay's gives customers unique choices for trick-or-treating, such as Halloween-themed lollipops, spider and brain gummies, real worms, crickets, and scorpions, and Halloweenthemed stuffed animals.

One of the store’s featured candies is Harry Potter-themed with eccentric jelly bean flavors such as Earwax, Vomit, and Grass. The Harry Potter-themed candy is often used for leisure where kids play games and feed the loser the most terrible flavor from the box.

In addition to the Halloween offerings, Emay's offers goodies for fall such as pumpkin flavored candy, candy corn, and fall caramels.

Owner Emay Wang, opened the candy store during Thanksgiving of last year. Wang says her candy store is visited by people of all ages.

Wang was raised in China.  Throughout her childhood and when she thought of running her own business, the idea of running a candy store immediately came to mind. 

Wang always had an interest in candy when she was a kid. When she was a young girl, she would collect candy wrappers because of its unique prints and different colors.

Wang said, “The kids born in the United States are so lucky because they had nice candy stores. There weren’t nice candy stores when I was a little girl.”

Wang’s shop reflects her interest of candy. It is brightly colored with different assortments of candy.

Grace Yi, a Carlmont student, loves to visit Emay’s Sweet Shop.

“I love their sour rainbow belts and their chocolate. Their chocolate is so good. It’s the first candy shop I’ve been to that has good combinations of candy,” said Grace.

With the assortment of delicious candy, Emay’s Sweet Shop will surely be a destination for the holidays.

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