Carlmont Graduation Slideshow

The class of 2012 celebrated graduation at Usher Memorial Football Stadium.

The sun could not outshine the smiles of the graduates as they received their diplomas in front of thousands of their friends and family on Friday, June 8, 2012.

Several student speakers looked forward to life after school. "A word that can easily sum up our future is opportunity," said Kelly Marie Robinson, the student body president. "Just remember that the diploma we are about to receive represents more than our ticket out of here; it represents our future opportunities."

Valedictorian Christine Tataru encouraged students to find their passion and pursue it after graduation. "Passion is what your hands are trying to say when you can't find the words. It's that thing your friends try to steer you away from in conversation because they know when you get started you'll never stop," she said.

While much of the talk at graduation centered around what comes next for the graduates, Salutatorian Shangnon Fei reflected on the past four years. "To paraphrase Carl Sagan," she said, "in the vastness of space and the immensity of time, it has been my pleasure to share an episode with you."


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