And the New Wellington Principal Is ...

Whoever it is, an announcement will be made with a name or a discussion to move on.

Belmont's Wellington Elementary School has a new principal.

It's just that only Dr. Thomas Kingston, the Belmont School District superintendent, and assistant Superintendent Janice Darias knows who that person is and they aren't telling anyone.

It's not that Kingston and Darias are being petulant; rather, they are just as much in the dark as everyone else if either of the finalists, Ellen Quirk or Amy Spangler, have agreed to take over the helm of Belmont's newest school from Wellington's longtime leader, Amy Wagner, who is retiring Dec. 1.

"We have made an offer to a candidate," said Kingston. 

"I have given her until Monday to let us know if she accepts it," he said.

"I’ll issue an announcement, then, on Monday about where we stand in the search for a Wellington principal," Kingston noted.

Earlier this week, Quirk and Spangler were interviewed by the staff, educators and parents.



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