We Asked For Your Favorites; You Told Us

Now it's time to calculate the nominations and set up the voting period, which begins July 23, for Patch's Readers' Choice on local businesses.


With a few more last-minute additions, the nomination period for Readers' Choice selections ended at the stroke of midnight. Well, it was actually 11:59 p.m. on Monday if you want to get technical.

Readers of San Carlos Patch have nominated a pretty strong list of favored sports related places, sushi places, burrito/taco places, supermarkets, day care centers, pizza places, best places to hold a child's birthday party, best gift store, restaurants of all kinds, beer and wine hangouts.

We named it and you helped put together a great list of San Carlos landmarks and landmarks to be.

We can't really say too much, but I can tell you there are a lot of places along Laurel Street that are pretty popular. There's quite a few on San Carlos Ave. too.

Streets like Cherry and Arroyo, Brittan and Cedar, Howard and Old County Road, Industrial and Saint Francis, and many more, are also included.

San Carlos sure seems to be a popular destination, that's for darn sure. Voting should be fun.

If I had a chance to recommend the best readers in town, it would certainly be you. You are the ones who help make San Carlos the city of good living.

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