What Does the Sequester Mean for Pacifica?

Unless Congress comes up with a solution by March 1, millions of dollars in spending cuts will impact California and its effect could trickle down locally.

Sequestration could begin in two days.

The word sends chills up the spine of many as Congress appears likely to allow $85 billion in government spending cuts to take effect on March 1, according to this explanation by The New York Times. California could lose close to $600 million in calculated budget cuts and the figure would grow, according to a report released by The White House on Sunday.

The cuts include $87.6 million to schools, $14.3 million to clean water and air protections, and $399.4 million to the Department of Defense, among others.

Military families, DOD civilian employees and even the 129th Rescue Wing at Moffett Field could be affected. 

Nutritional assistance programs for seniors statewide would be cut by $5.4 million, which could impact senior centers' food program.

There would also be cuts to vaccines for children statewide by $1.1 million and could possibly affect the RotaCare service.

Most agree that sequester is inevitable because Republicans and Democrats can't agree on how to pay down the U.S. debt—government cuts versus raising taxes.

However Republicans don't believe it will be as tragic as the Obama administration makes it sound. This despite the Congressional Budget Office finding that the effects could slowdown the nation's economic growth.

Are you worried about the sequester? Or do you think it will not happen at all? Share in comments!

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Jo Tog March 01, 2013 at 03:48 PM
No more Blue Angels flyovers.
haveapizza March 01, 2013 at 03:49 PM
This is a joke. Yes a small cut in the growth rate of government spending is a disaster that will cut the vaccines to children. Suppose next yeat The Huffington Corp came to its various depts and said "Hey we were going to increase everyones budgets by 4% next year but as we all know inflation in lower than that, revenues are not growing so we will cut that to 2%. But of course, since so many are now dependent on The State, they will make you sit up and beg for your money and threaten you, as they now can since The State runs so many peoples lives.
Pacificat March 01, 2013 at 04:52 PM
oh thank heavens
Jo Tog March 01, 2013 at 05:16 PM
Obama said the floors in the White House won't be cleaned and children of military will lose their once-a-week teacher. He also said he is not a dictator and he couldn't stop Boehner and McConnell from running out the door before he can talk with them.This is all true. He said this in his last minute appearance, today, in the Brady Room with the White House Press Corp, who he normally does not like to speak to.
Jo Tog March 01, 2013 at 05:21 PM
Republicans House and Senate Leaders tried to meet with obama and even submitted to two plans , obama ingnored. Yesterday , obama gave them 7 minutes of his time. The Republicans leaders offered to give obama unprecedented authority by authorizing to lift the DEBT CEILING. Yes, they offered to do this so obama can spend whatever he wants. In his meeting with the White House Press Corp today, he slowly stated where he would be raising taxes and on who. Obama has been asking for this unprecendented authority and now the Republicans say they will give it to him. Someone phone Ben Bernanke and tell him to fire up the printing presses and start printing more money.


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