Town to Residents: Help Clean Out Catch Basins Before Storm

Town requesting residents work with neighbors to clear storm drains in front of property, roadway.

A press release issued today, Friday, Oct. 26 from David Kale, Belmont's town administrator.

There is a high possibility of Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast with heavy rains and high winds. Belmont has more than 2,000 catch basins, the grate at the edge of the street that drains stormwater throughout town. The Department of Public Works has had multiple crews out clearing the storm drains on a daily basis. However, the trees have been dropping their leaves during the fall foliage quickly which makes it impossible to clear all drains by Sunday evening.

Town leaders are asking that residents check the storm drains, rake leaves away from the drain (but not into the drain), and to dispose of the leaves and debris in yard waste bins or brown paper leaf bags. 

Do not remove the storm grates. Please be reminded that yard waste is picked up weekly this time of year on your trash disposal day.

The DPW would like to remind residents that street sweepers cannot pick up large piles of leaves.  Residents should never rake or blow leaves from their property into the street. 

A helpful site to visit is the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency preparedness site located at http://www.mass.gov/eopss/home-sec-emerg-resp/plan-prep/family/

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in preparing for Hurricane Sandy.  By working together if we receive heavy rain we will minimize the potential for flooding.



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