San Carlos to San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury: We Were Never Told

San Carlos officials said they were never informed about a 2006-2007 civil grand jury recommendation that the county's Office of Emergency Services work with cities to develop emergency action plans regarding levees.

The San Jose Mercury-News reported Monday that, five years later, most cities in San Mateo County failed to comply with a 2006-2007 civil grand jury recommendation that San Mateo County plan for dam and levee failures.

The Grand Jury contacted San Carlos a few months ago to seek a response to their letter and report to the city in 2006. The city researched it but found nothing on the topic. San Carlos did receive and responded to several other grand jury reports in that time frame.

San Carlos requested a copy of the 2006 letter but current grand jury was forced to concede there was no record of it being sent.

San Carlos assistant city manager Brian Moura was quoted by the Mercury-News as indicating San Carlos and Redwood City worked together to reinforce and raise the level of the levee by the San Carlos airport.

"San Carlos joined with Redwood City and the County in funding improvements to the levee that included raising its height by several feet," Moura told Patch.  "Redwood City was the lead agency on the project since most of the levee is in Redwood City's city limits.  That project was completed and the levee is now higher and safer than before."

As a result, San Carlos and Redwood City exacted the grand jury's original request without knowing about it.

"We will be talking to OES and the County Sheriff about the plan aspect of the levees," Moura said. "Even though the actual improvements to the levees in San Carlos are already complete."

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