Poll: Do Street Sweeping Hours Need to Be Changed?

A San Bruno resident is concerned that streets aren't being cleaned properly because the city has set street sweeping hours for too early in the day.

A resident recently contacted me with a concern about the city's public works department and how street sweeping is handled.

He said it seems that the city's street sweeping hours are too early for most residents because, on some streets, residents have to park on the street and parking can be difficult to find. If a resident's car is still parked on the street by the time a street sweeper comes by, and he hasn't yet left for work, that means that street won't be cleaned.

The city has posted its street sweeping schedule on its website and says that most streets are sweeped twice a month.

But the resident said the hours still need to be changed, and he proposed that street sweeping hours be changed to later in the day after most people have left for work. What do you think?

SLR May 09, 2012 at 03:05 AM
I have to agree with Joe, what a scam. Why should the upper San Bruno residents not get a ticket for street sweeping and low San Bruno residents have to pay the price. There is no motivation for them to move their vehicles for street sweeping, they won't get a ticket. The fact that I will get a ticket if I don't move my vehicle makes me sure to park where I won't get a ticket. If the time was changed to later in the morning, I wouldn't have to look for a place to park away from my house on street sweeping day. The city should not be divided. Either everyone pays or change the time to later in the day. SLR
Rob May 10, 2012 at 03:04 AM
For those that are complaining about getting a ticket, read the sign. It doesn't matter if you beat the sweeper and still get a ticket. It reads no parking from either 8-10 or 10-12. No parking. Is it that hard to understand. Not for the 5 toothed street sweeper its not. Now for the people on the other side of El Camino. Sell 5 of your cars that don't work and turn your garage back into a place to park your car, not your pot growing area. So let's just sat we change those hours. Last time I drove done my street at noon there was still a lot of cars parked on the street with no one parked in their driveway.
Lisa May 10, 2012 at 06:04 PM
Joe-Your "warning" is the street sign that says No Parking. When you run a red light and plow into a car, do you tell your insurance "Don't worry, I want to use my one warning?" Grow up, this is life. The sign also, does not say "It's Ok to park here as long as you beat the sweeper" it says NO PARKING so don't blame or try to insult the "kiddie cop" as you call him. He works to enforce the rules and make this City better. You shouldn't belittle that. For SLR and Joe- Maybe lower SB needs the cars moved because there is more trash in the gutters. This is what I notice when I walk, drive or bike in San Bruno.
Mike May 16, 2012 at 08:36 PM
It's not a matter of changing the hours or days that San Bruno street cleaning is done. It is a matter that residents on the east side of El Camino Real receive parking sitations if our vehicles are parked on the street during sweeping hours. Residents on the west side of El Camino do not receive parking sitations if there cars are on the street during sweeping hours. The street sweeper just drives around any parked cars. East/West should be treated the same. We all receive tickets or none of us receives tickets. How does the City of San Bruno justify the disparity in treatment of East/West. Lisa's argument is ridiculous
Sara Glascock June 11, 2012 at 10:04 PM
I am finally doing going to do something about this. My name is Sara and I posted a comment titled: East Side Residents: Tired of Parking Tickets for Street Sweeping. I'm about to reopen this argument. I intend to speak at the San Bruno City Council meeting on June 12th. I'm FED-UP with this disparity between neighborhoods.


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