Lost Dog Reunited With Owner After Five Years

The dog was found in Daly City and brought to the Peninsula Humane Society, where he was scanned for a microchip that turned up a positive result.

A Palo Alto man was reunited with his dog Tuesday after the pet had been lost for five years, according to the Peninsula Humane Society.

The Boston Terrier, named “Oreo,” was lost near Cubberly Park in Palo Alto five years ago and found this week in Daly City with what was believed to be an old, untreated leg injury.

A Daly City resident who found the dog wandering near a Security Public Storage on Hyde Court called the Peninsula Humane Society.

A humane society officer picked up and dog and immediately noticed the leg injury, and brought the animal to the San Mateo shelter for treatment.

A staff veterinarian noted the dog's back leg muscle had atrophied, indicating an old, untreated leg injury. Staff scanned the dog for a microchip and once it was detected, contacted the microchip company for the owner’s contact information.

The Peninsula Humane Society reached Palo Alto resident Brandon Springerwho said the dog, “Oreo,” belonged to his grandmother who passed away last year. 

The dog escaped from the yard two years ago when a gate was left open and the family surmised he ran to nearby Cubberley Park, where he went for daily walks.

At the time, Cubberley has hosting a soccer tournament and the family guessed a spectator picked him up. In addition to being microchipped, Oreo had a collar and ID tag with his owner’s contact information.

Mr. Springer was reportedly shocked to receive the call Tuesday, according to the humane society.

“This story illustrates the importance of microchips, which can be a lost pet’s ticket home,” said PHS/SPCA spokesperson Scott Delucchi.

“Too many people don’t know how inexpensive this can be – we implant pets for $30, no appointment necessary – and how easy of a process it is. Hopefully, this happy ending will cause more people to consider this permanent form of identification for their pets.”

Editor's Note: The Peninsula Humane Society initially reported the dog had been missing for two years. On Thursday morning, Patch learned the correct amount of time was five years.


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Tom Ricks February 01, 2013 at 06:13 PM
Wait a minute...the caption says "5 years" the story says "2 years" --did the author convert human years into "dog-years" for the canine-reader public??? Did the dog remember the previous owner???


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