Two Incumbents Win Half Moon Bay City Council Race

Half Moon Bay will see Marina Fraser and John Muller back on the city council.

 It was a close race for incumbent Marina Fraser and opponent Harvey Rarback, but the city councilmember since 2003 came out on top with 25.41% of the votes and Rarback at 22.98%.

"The campaign was well fought," said Rarback "The power of the incumbency prevailed as it usually does."

Incumbent John Muller was also victorious tonight, topping off with the most votes at 37.03%.

"We couldn't be happier with the outcome. Good things are going to happen to Half Moon Bay as we move in a postiive direction. Thank you to everyone in the community who has stepped up with their friendship and money during this campaign. Marina and I have given our whole life to this city," said John Muller, "and it's about giving and sharing."

Fraser and Muller celebrated with friends and family at a gathering hosted by them at the Portugese Community Center on Kelly Avenue behind City Hall.

Over at Pasta Moon, Harvey Rarback and John Ullom awaited the election results with their supporters.

Karen K. Anderson, Rarback's campaign committee treasurer, read election results from a laptop.

This was both Ullom and Rarback's first time running for office, and it was a close race in the end. Rarback lost to Fraser by only 150 votes.

"It was quite a learning experience in my first run for public office," said Rarback. "I’m glad that I had the opportunity to run for City Council and get my point of view out. I hope that the incumbents learn from the closeness of the election that the public will be expecting more responsible and transparent actions from the Council including more respect for our local laws and regulations. I hope to be a bigger presence in Half Moon Bay politics."

"Glad it's over," said Ullom, who came in at 14.58%, "although it was exciting and fun."

In spite of the fact that Ullom thinks he came "as hard as I know how" at the incumbents during his campaign, "they always behaved with class and stuck to their message," he said. "Both were kind to me and helpful at the debates. I did not want to be impressed with either but I was. Our town is lucky to count them amongst us. I wish Council Members Fraser and Muller success in their endeavors on our behalf."


Four candidates are running for two seats on the Half Moon Bay City Council: two are incumbents: John Muller and Marina Fraser. Two are opposers: Harvey Rarback and John Ullom.

Muller ran unopposed in November of 2007, and has served as both Vice Mayor and Mayor since then. He undertook the task with council members of preparing the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the city and is a supporter of Measure J.

Fraser was the lone dissenter in May’s 4-1 vote to bring a 1 percent sales tax measure to Half Moon Bay residents. She does not support Measure J and if elected wants to find sustainable resources for the City.

This is Rarback's first time running for office in Half Moon Bay. He wants to "restore the city's reputation by dealing honestly and cooperatively with others and honor the Coastal Act."

It's also John Ullom's first time running. If elected, he wants to "encourage citizen involvement with what goes on with our City Council."

The results of their race can be found here:


Candidate (Vote for 2) Precincts Reporting Percent John Muller 8 of 8 37.03% Marina Fraser 8 of 8 25.41% Harvey Rarback 8 of 8 22.98%
John Ullom 8 of 8 14.58%



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