Greg St. Clair: 'San Carlos Can Support More Quality Restaurants'

The owner of Town says sales at his San Carlos restaurant were just under $8M last year.

In a refreshing break from tradition, Mayor Matt Grocott abdicated the podium and microphone at the annual San Carlos Chamber of Commerce State of the City event last month, and turned the program over to business, education, and city leaders.

“You’re not going to hear very much from me tonight,” Grocott told a packed audience at the Hiller Aviation Museum on February 21.

“Tonight you’ll hear from other leaders in our community,” and at that, Grocott stepped aside and cued up a clever video featuring him and Vice Mayor Bob Grassilli chatting about city matters over a cup of coffee at Plantation Coffee Roastery.

Click on the video to the right for a montage of the event.

In the video, the councilmen’s discussion of various city topics segued into the introduction of the next live speaker.

First up was Greg St. Clair, of the Avenir Restaurant Group, parent company of Town. St Clair, who is a San Carlos resident said annual sales at his Laurel Street restaurant have increased by $5M since opening in 1995 as A Tavola. Town sales were just under $8M last year.

“Town is one of the highest volume restaurants outside of San Francisco along the Peninsula,” St. Clair commented.

He added that sales at Town outnumber those at his other two restaurants.

“There’s something about San Carlos and the sense of community that we don’t experience in the other cities,” he added.

 “Town serves as more than just an economic interest for the city. It gives the city an identity and a gathering point.”

St. Clair said he’s confident San Carlos can support more quality restaurants, adding that although the city has some aging infrastructure and parking issues, city leaders have taken a realistic approach to dealing with issues that affect downtown businesses. He sees the proposed Transit Village and Wheeler Plaza projects as very positive for the city’s growth.

“I look forward to the future---we’re going to have another good year.”

Check back with San Carlos Patch for State of the City presentations by other community leaders.

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Greg St Claire March 06, 2013 at 04:39 PM
Our sales have increased by 5 million. Annual sales at Town are just under 8 million
Tom Ricks March 06, 2013 at 04:53 PM
Don't get me wrong....I like resturants...but the last time I walked the length of Laurel st. and counted the resturants just one block off---we have over 115 places to eat....Are you Reeeeeaaaalllly sure we need another one????
Mark L. Miller, Ph.D. March 06, 2013 at 06:24 PM
We need a restaurant that plays live jazz (trio, small ensemble). Surely in a town this "hip" we can sustain one place that emphasizes the music and not just the food? I really hate having to drive to SF and pay a fortune to park 5 blocks away in order to drop a couple of hundred bucks in order to hear good music once in a while.
RM March 07, 2013 at 03:37 PM
San Carlos needs to grow? Where do you think we have the room to do that? Have you not been stuck in traffic trying to get to/from 101? RESIDENTS want more of that? So, clog up our city even more so that some restaurant group can make more money!??! We tolerate this?
Bob Farkas March 07, 2013 at 06:57 PM
Thanks to Greg for speaking at this event and congratulations on building a successful downtown business. I am delighted to have his restaurant bringing in others to visit San Carlos and I would welcome others who could offer a similiar classy place. That is key to our economic development. Bravo!


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