Council to Vote on Garbage Rate Increase Tonight

If a majority of affected parcels protest in opposition of a rate increase for Belmont residential and commercial customers, the changes will not be approved.

Belmont City Council will conduct a public hearing tonight before deciding whether to adopt a resolution revising the maximum rate that Recology can charge for garbage/recycling service in 2013.

In April 2010, the city adopted an agreement with Recology for the collection of recyclable/organic materials and solid waste collection, and that agreement called for an annual review of the maximum rates that Recology may charge Belmont's residential and commercial customers.

During last year’s rate review process for setting 2012 rates, the calculated maximum rate increase requested by Recology was 29 percent. At that time, city council directed the city staff to find solutions to minimize the rate increase. In response to council’s direction, Recology proposed a rate smoothing option which reduced the 2012 rate increase to 11.6 percent.

In December 2011, Council adopted this rate smoothing option to the Recology’s Agreement which included the following key elements:

  • The 2011 Migration Recovery Surcharge originally due to take place in 2012 was spread over 2013-2016, with interest at prime plus one percent.
  • A one-time Migration Adjustment credit of $182,334 in 2012 that would have been included in the 2011 Migration Recovery Surcharge was spread over 2013-2016.
  • The final Migration Recovery Surcharge and Migration Adjustment due to take effect in 2013 were delayed until 2014.

According to the city staff report, if at the conclusion of Tuesday's public hearing and after hearing any testimony, should a majority (50 percent plus 1) of the affected parcels within the City submit a protest in opposition of the rate increase, then the proposed changes will not be approved.

The Belmont City Council will meet Tues., Nov. 13 at 7:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers of Belmont City Hall, One Twin Pines Lane.

To view the agenda and staff reports, click here.

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Don’t be left out of the conversation taking place in Belmont--Sign up for our daily newsletter|Like Belmont|Patch on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter | Start your own blog

C. Fonseca November 13, 2012 at 06:21 PM
The CityCouncil will alo be reviewing the Tree Ordinance at tonights meeting. Anyone who wants to develop their property(additions, etc.) and remove a tree for that development needs to be concnerned about this ordinance. The fees Belmont charges to remove trees - any tree regardless of type or health - is extremelty excessive. The permit fee for a large tree is $ 4,968. Atherton and Hillsborough do not even charge that much!
Steve Hayes November 14, 2012 at 12:25 AM
Good Point! In San Carlos a resident does not need a permit to remove a large tree like a Monterey Pine and Eucalyptus - So cost for tree removal in San Carlos is zero but for the same tree in Belmont the cost is $4,968 - that is the city fee and excludes the cost for actually having the work done.


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