City Recommends Council Deny Carlos Club Expansion

Issue returns to council for final decision on Monday.


In light of opposition expressed by the Sheriff’s department, San Carlos officials are recommending that city council deny a permit to allow a proposed expansion of the .

Citing public safety concerns, San Mateo County Captain Greg Rothaus, head of the San Carlos Patrol Bureau, has the club's attempt to transition from a bar to entertainment destination that features an open air patio, live music and expanded room for seating.

And public documents made available in advance of Monday's council meeting indicate that city staff agree with Rothaus' concerns, and have adopted his position on the expansion proposal.

A report from the offices of City Manager Jeff Maltbie and Community Development Director Al Savay said that allowing the club to expand may result in San Carlos becoming a more dangerous place because club management cannot control the behavior of the increased amount of patrons once they leave the club.

To that end, Rothaus has said that in a one-year span sheriff’s deputies were called to the Carlos Club 131 times which included two DUI’s, five drunk in publics, 69 police-induced spot checks, one verbal disturbance.

"Staff is unable to assure the City Council and the community that the proposed nightclub expansion will not create a safety hazard, will not be detrimental or injurious to persons, property, or improvements in the vicinity, and will not be detrimental to the public peace, health, morals, safety, comfort, general welfare or convenience," said the city report.

Should the council vote according to staff recommendation, it will fly in the face of the city's .

In his own defense, club owner Fred Duncan has opposed claims that allowing the proposed expansion will put the public in greater danger. He also said that should the expansion be approved, more security will be hired to handle the increased traffic.

But the city report focuses on the public risk that may occur once patrons leave the club, rather than what takes place on site.
, claiming that it is unfair for the city government to single out the Carlos Club as a potential problem site.

"If the owners wish to expand (especially in a back patio), I see no reason why they shouldn't be allowed," said Ilene Hruby in the Patch comment section.

While others have expressed frustration with the club and the nuisance it poses to the public.

The Carlos Club decision, and other business, will come before the San Carlos City Council at the meeting Monday night, beginning at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers.

Do you agree that allowing the Carlos Club to expand will make San Carlos a more dangerous place? Leave a comment and let us know.


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