City Opposes the Sale of Rodent Poison

The poison could pose a risk to children, pets and wildlife.

At its October 9th meeting, the Belmont City Council passed a resolution opposing the sale and purchase of rat and mouse poisons, which are deemed an unreasonable risk to children, pets and wildlife. 

The use of such poisons is regulated by the State of California and this resolution does not mandate the ban of poisons, however, it does urge Belmont businesses to stop the sale of 10 specific rat and mouse poisons that do not incorporate safety measures specified in the US EPA’s Final Risk Mitigation Decision for these rodenticides. 

The resolution also urges Belmont residents to avoid buying these products and encourages the use of less-toxic rodent control methods. 

To read the full text of the city council resolution, including the list of the 10 specific rodent poisons, click here.




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