Belmont Patchers Help Direct Council Priorities

Comments from Patch users on Ralston Avenue traffic/speeding issues came into play at Tuesday's Belmont City Council meeting.


Councilmember Coralin Feierbach asked city staff to place traffic and speeding issues on Ralston Avenue on the 2012-13 list of citywide priorities Tuesday night.

The council had a list of approximately 27 items to review for . City manager led the council through the list of items for consideration for FY13 priorities. The items were grouped into categories for discussion purposes.

Under the "Easy Mobility" category, Feierbach said that recent comments on a about a six-car collision at the corner of Ralston Avenue and Alameda de las Pulgas prompted her to speak out about speeding on the Ralston corridor.

"We need to have some enforcement," said Feierbach. "Especially during the time children are going to and from school."

"My problem is speed, and how do we stop it?"

"Many people on Patch were concerned about the traffic and speed of cars along Ralston, and it is clear that this is an issue that is important to a lot of people---especially parents," added Feierbach.

agreed, "We need something comprehensive--safety is paramount to that corridor."

City manager Greg Scoles said the city staff would work with the on enforcement issues with regard to Ralston Avenue traffic and speeding issues.

The council will continue the discussion of citywide priorities at a future meeting.

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bob malina May 10, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Speeding is out of control on Ralston....when the light changes on alameda/Ralston the traffic going east ( a slight downhill) they reach 50MPH before reaching Avon !
Michael Williams May 10, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Thanks to Joan Dentler and the Belmont Patch for providing this public forum for the community's concerns on this issue - and to Councilmember Feierbach and Mayor Warden for being engaged, responsive and proactive in getting Ralston traffic issues "on the radar" in city planning.


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