As Goes the San Carlos Youth Vote, So Goes the Nation

In Tuesday's mock election hosted by the San Carlos Youth Advisory Council, the ballots cast by young San Carlans mirrored those of voters across California and the nation.

[Editor's Note: The following information was provided by Michael Becker, Youth Development Coordinator of the San Carlos Youth Center. If you would like to contribute to San Carlos Patch, email the editor at joan.dentler@patch.com.]

Youth Vote 2012 was a huge success!  Just under 300 students voted on election day, November 6, 2012.  Our objectives in carrying out this project were:

  • Give youth a voice in their community by providing information regarding youth opinions to civic leaders in order to better serve the next generation of voters.
  • Teach youth the importance of voting and civic responsibility.
  • Give youth the opportunity to practice voting procedures so that they gain confidence in the voting process.

Ballots were drawn up and voting booths were monitored by Youth Advisory Council members and adult volunteers.

Several Educators from our local middle schools such as Central Middle School and San Carlos Charter School conducted field trips to the Youth Center during the school day to allow our youth to vote.  Many students arrived in the evening to vote along with their parents. 

The results of the vote were posted on the walls of the Youth Center and on the City of San Carlos website. 

Some highlights include:

  • Barack Obama received the majority of votes
  • Propositions: 30, 37, 38 and 39 passed Prop 32 did not.
  • Measures: A, B, and C all passed.
  • Measure H the San Carlos School Bond won by a landslide! Our youth know the benefits of additional education funding and will get to see the impacts first hand. This mirrored the actual passage of Measure H with 66% in favor.



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