Six Redwood City Businesses Caught Selling Alcohol to Minors

As part of a sting using local high students, the Redwood City Police Department caught six businesses selling alcohol to minors, and three adults willing to buy alcohol for minors.

Redwood City Police are cracking down on local businesses that fail to check IDs and are willing to sell alcohol to minors.

As part of a sting conducted in partnership with several local high school students, police caught six local businesses - and three local adults - in the act of providing alcohol to minors.

Earlier this month, members of the Redwood City Police Department and California Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) agents conducted a joint “Minor Decoy” and “Shoulder Tap” operation to conduct compliance checks at local businesses that sell alcoholic beverages.

The program is designed to reduce the availability of alcohol to people under 21.

The “Minor Decoy” and the “Shoulder Tap” program utilize minors who are supervised and monitored by police officers. The decoys are directed to enter establishments and attempt to purchase alcohol. The decoys also contact adults they come into contact with at these establishments to see if the adults will purchase alcohol for them.

There were 27 establishments in Redwood City that were checked during the operation. Six of those establishments were issued citations for selling alcohol to minors, and three adults were issued citations for purchasing alcohol for minors. 

"This operation is an ongoing collaboration between the Redwood City Police Department, California Alcohol Beverage Control, Peninsula Conflict and Resolution Center, and Sequoia Teen Resource Center’s Youth Advisory Board," a statement sent out by the Redwood City Police Department read. "The goal of this collaboration is to prevent alcohol-related injuries and deaths to minors."

Christian Cruz was one of the local students that met with the JR Gamez, Redwood City's police chief, in the planning stages of the program. Cruz said he was very glad that Sequoia students were part of implementing the program.

Cruz commented, "It is important to see youth involved in our community, and to bring awareness to the community about youth and alcohol." 

Gamez met with several Sequoia High School Youth Advisory students who presented data regarding businesses selling alcoholic beverages to minors.

Chief Gamez stated, “The information that was presented to me by the students was compelling. The group of students from the Advisory Council not only identified the problem, but wanted to be part of the solution."

"The collaboration that has taken place was a direct result of the positive change that Sequoia High School students wanted to see in their community,” he added.

The department's statement read, "The Redwood City Police Department values the contribution made by the youth in our community and is committed to talking all measures that ensure their safely and hold accountable those that provide alcohol to minors."


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Lynn Simon October 18, 2012 at 01:49 PM
Job well done thumbs up
Jeni October 19, 2012 at 07:54 PM
So which were the 6 businesses that were caught and fined? I'd like to know.
Jennifer van der Kleut October 19, 2012 at 08:06 PM
The police have not yet released the names of the businesses - but if they do, we'll let you all know.
Jeni October 19, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Thank you!
Cheryl November 18, 2012 at 12:33 AM
It would be nice to boycott the business that did sell to minors, maybe they will learn.


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