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San Mateo Police Investigate Bomb Threat

Responding officers did not locate a bomb.

A bomb threat was reported in San Mateo on Thursday afternoon.

Police responded to Cullingan Management, located at 3700 S. El Camino Real, at about 2:15 p.m. to reports from an unidentified male caller that there was a bomb in the building, San Mateo Police Sgt. Dave Norris said.

Offiers arrived quickly and facilitated a voluntary evacuation of the Culligan building.

Peripheral buildings in the area were either determined to be unoccupied, evacuated, or advised to shelter in place based on their relative location, Norris said.

The San Mateo Police Department received assistance from two San Mateo County Sheriff’s Bomb Detecting K-9 Units, who conducted an investigative sweep of the Culligan Building and found no bombs in the search.

Authorities say there is no further threat of danger in the area as of 4:30 p.m. Police will be conducting investigative follow-up on the threat.   

The Police Department offers the following safety tips on bomb threats:

If you receive a telephone bomb threat: 

1.     Remain calm.

2.     Keep caller on the line as long as possible, listening carefully, noting the time of the call and the telephone number it came in on.

3.     Ask the caller the following questions:

a.     Where is the bomb?

b.     When will it explode?

c.      What does the bomb look like?

d.     What kind of bomb is it?

e.      What is the caller's name?

4.     Write down any pertinent information such as background noises, gender of caller, accents, and patterns of speech.

5.     Notify SMPD via 911 or 650-522-7700 as soon as possible.


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