Police Say 'Lock Up': Most San Carlos Burglaries Occur This Time of Year

One of the the most common tactics for burglars is to knock first. If you don't answer, they break in. If you do answer, they have some lame excuse for being there.

San Mateo County Sheriff's badge.
San Mateo County Sheriff's badge.
The following informational release was sent to Patch by the San Mateo Cunty Office of Emergency Services.)

This is the 1st of two burglary alerts you will receive this week:

An analysis of the residential burglary pattern for our community shows that consistently there is a disproportionate number of residential burglaries during the 1st three months of the calendar year. This is true of other areas in the County as well.

During the months of November 2013, December 2013, and January 2014, we have had a grand total of 5 residential burglaries.  Last February 2013, we had 12 in just that one month.

This week, you will receive another SMC Alert with residential burglary prevention information.

For now, please know this: The number one way that burglars are apprehended and discouraged from returning to a neighborhood is through the vigilance of citizens who will not think twice about calling the police when they see anything or anyone suspicious. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL US!

Remember that one of the the most common tactics for burglars is to knock first.  If you don't answer, they break in.  If you do answer, they have some excuse for being there (selling something; "wrong house"; "Do you want your car washed?"; etc.)  If anyone comes to your door with some lame reason for knocking, call us.

We see no reason for a pattern change and we expect an active burglary season to begin in this county, and this city, starting now. Because we have been fortunate lately with very low burglary rates, the community may have let their guard down a bit.  Please be watchful and remember to call.

The Sheriff's Office will have directed marked and unmarked patrols in San Carlos and we will deploy resources based upon patterns we have detected.

Together, we can keep our community and our homes safe.  Thank you!

San Mateo County Sheriff's Office: (650) 216-7676

Anonymous Tip Line: (800) 547-2700


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