Letter to the Editor: CSUS Would Shore Up Belmont's Troubled Budget

A 26-year Belmont resident says the controversy surrounding the CSUS proposed middle school campus is blown out of proportion.

Dear Editor ~

My family and I, 26 year residents of Belmont Heights,
would be delighted to have CSUS join our community,
and are grateful for its additions to our educational offerings,
as a good citizen, and bearer of financial support beyond
our wildest dreams.

Any school in any location always brings added benefits
to the neighborhood - I've always wished I could bring my
children up next door to a school - with all those wonderful
playgrounds and happy children - what a positive environment
with great icons for little people growing up.

How lucky can we get to have CSUS volunteer to shore up our
troubled budget with a $1MM gift to the City's General Fund?
As well as a $250K/year recurring payment - more than doubling
the current revenue from that unoccupied site which we have not
been able to fill for so many years?!  We in Belmont would benefit
from its being one of if not the highest revenue-generating sites
in the entire town.  Who are we trying to kid - this is FABULOUS!!!

The controversy surrounding this potential new neighbor feels blown
up out of all proportion, and we so hope to take the blind "no change"
mentality and emotion out of the debate.  Do we want Belmont to slide
backwards with such heavy financial burdens?  Do we want that building
site to continue unoccupied from now 'til kingdom come?  Do we not
have enough to do that we can spend so much time trumping up issues
that make CSUS sound like ogres?  Let's come clean and be grateful for
this once in many lifetimes opportunity and welcome this wonderful new
neighbor - who has already done so much for many Belmont families!!
We're all in this together :)

Elsa Schafer Raval and Family

P.S. One of our closest neighbors who's taken great care of us through
thick and thin had both their children graduate as valedictorians of both
their CSUS classes - please realize how important a part of CSUS Belmont
has been for decades.

Coralin Feierbach September 25, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Steve, You are right - whoever runs for election in 2013 will use CSUS (pro and con side) for their own election issue, just like it was done for the last election. Who knows who is going to run again? This tine I'm not saying anything about running or not. Warden, Lieberman and I are all up for re-election in 2013. You know that there are already candidates that will want to replace us. So be it. I hope there will be very good people who will be willing to run just in the case that one, two or three of us decide not to run.
Steve Hayes September 25, 2012 at 04:58 PM
I hope the 2013 will bring out more voters. It is a shame that many of elections bring out less than half of the registered voters. There are important things happening at the City Council level of government and our residents should register their opinion. BTW I admire your dedication to public service but I sometimes disagree with your decisions/direction - too much focus on regulating our lives and not enough focus on making Belmont a more self sustaining vibrant community.
Coralin Feierbach September 25, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Hi Steve, Well, I guess you and i disagree most of the time on issues. (However I agree with you on your Obama comment, - everything he does gets turned to a negative) It's ok - I don't mind, you bring out some good points that makes me think twice. Also you use your real name. I really appreciate that. I suppose I do like a clean neat town - before I got on the council we had very little code enforcement. I believe in making this town as nice as it can be. It still has a lot to go. I did a lot to save our open spaces. That makes the town really nice too. Lots of people don't vote - that is sad. They have the opportunity to vote absentee - how easy is that? I would like Belmont to be a more vibrant community - downtown is dismal. That's why the redevelopment agency purchased all those properties downtown and I voted for those purchases! Don't you think the Sares-Regis development potential of Firehouse Square could bring vibrancy to our community? Don't you think the expansion of Safeway downtown will also be vibrant? I do as long as it doesn't get everyone upset and we are back to a divided community AND nothing gets done again. I have been a strong exponent of real nice downtown re-development that is livable - not 5-6 story buildings. Let's hope the Safeway project and the Firehouse Square project comes to some fruition. It's time. Sounds like a 2013 election speech, NO, NOT AT ALL! FAR FROM IT! Nice to communicate with you Steve!
Tim Hoffman September 25, 2012 at 06:51 PM
Steve- You wrote: "I hope ... 2013 will bring out more voters. It is a shame that many of elections bring out less than half of the registered voters." By "less than half", you unfortunately mean around 30% for a typical Belmont election. It was something like 32% and 28% for the last two, respectively. And even then, not everyone votes for all races on the ballot. Over 320 voters last November -- seven percent of the total -- didn't bother to mark a box for either candidate for City Clerk. What does that even mean? I'm optimistic for next year, though. Three open Council seats and a perhaps a crucial vote to keep the local schools solvent should make for a bigger-than-average turnout.
Coralin Feierbach September 25, 2012 at 07:42 PM
For all interested persons on the CSUS issue: This is on Belmont's website: The offer made by CSUS to the city: http://www.belmont.gov/Upload/Document/D240008719/CSUS%20CC%20Offer%20Letter%208-20-12.pdf The other staff information dealing with CSUS is at this link: http://belmont.gov/SubContent.asp?CatId=240002457&C_ID=240005023 Hope this helps!


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