Dogs and Derby

The Peninsula Humane Society's latest combination -- adoptable animals and roller derby.

Some things just go well together. Peanut butter and chocolate. Wine and cheese. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, on film. Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra. That last one, a real-life couple, didn’t work out so well but it really should have. 

We’re adding to the list of all time-great combinations on May 10. Adoptable animals and roller derby. That’s right, derby is alive and well on the Peninsula.  Athletic ladies skate as fast as they can around a rink and try to take each other out. At least that’s what I remember from watching it on television as a kid.  “Yes, we really do knock the crap out of each other,” confirmed Trixx, a statuesque, tattooed member of one of the squads competing against each other on Friday, May 10 at the Redwood Roller Rink in Redwood City.

Here’s the hook: the Peninsula Rollergirls are donating a portion of the proceeds that evening to Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA shelter animals.  They love animals.  Those who aren’t nursing charlie horses, coming to their senses or getting taped up at half time will take a shelter dog for a leisurely skate around the rink, to showcase some of four-legged friends available for adoption.  With some luck, we’ll have new loving homes for a few dogs that night before the blood, sweat and snot dry on the rink.

The partnership started on their end.  I came to work one morning and had a message from Abby “Aggro” Monberg, one of the Peninsula Rollergirls, who asked if we might like to be part of their bout. These ladies are awesome; they actually choose a charity for every one of their bouts. 

This was an easy one for us. All that was left was to turn-up the publicity. We tweeted and texted. We created the hip flyer attached here. And, we contacted a local newspaper photographer who’s been in the biz 30-plus years and seen it all, yet he’d never met a Rollergirl. The pre-event photo shoot was a hoot. We asked the ladies to visit our adoption center, dressed in helmets, knee pads and the rest of their gear, and had them skate around our facility with dogs in their arms, while the photographer shot away.

The bouts in Redwood City usually draw a few hundred guests and occasionally sell out.  This will be one of those sell-outs; not taking any chances, I bought tickets for my group last Thursday. Just $10 each. You can’t buy a beer at AT&T Park for $10! 

To be part of this historic Roller Derby benefit event, buy your tickets ahead of time, online, athttp://peninsularollergirls.com/

Tickets are $12 at the door. 

Cheer on your favorite Rollergirl – Aggro, Bloody Miri, Sinnabar, Dalena, Mo, Pax or Trixx – or shelter dog!

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