Looking for Homes with Holiday Lights in Our Area?

Looking for holiday lights in San Carlos? Here are some suggestions.

1900 Eucalyptus in San Carlos. Credit: lightsofthevalley.com
1900 Eucalyptus in San Carlos. Credit: lightsofthevalley.com
Sooner or later, this cold weather will end.  And when it does, you'll have the chance to get out and see some of the great holiday lighting displays already illuminating the night in many Bay Area cities.

We found one California site that let's you look for lights in your town.

California Christmas Lights, run by Alex Dourov, Utkaduck Design of Livermore, has already had more than 50,000 light-seekers log on to its site to find the best lights around.

Dourov provides the site as a community service, something that costs him a few hundred dollars. He began the site in 1999, because "we relied on newspaper listings to find local homes decorated with Christmas lights. The local newspaper was helpful but many times we would get lost or stumble on a 'stinker'."  


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