How Do You Throw Away an Old Washing Machine?

The twice-a-year bulky item pick-up by Recology can help rid you of those big items that just don't fit into the trash can or the back of your minivan.

Most of us can't visualize what two cubic yards really looks like--but rest assured, it's bigger than you think. And two cubic yards-worth of trash or bulky items is way too much for your weekly curbisde pickup, which is why twice a year Recology provides a scheduled pick up service to single family residents in San Carlos.

Recology's Bulky Item Pick Up service is a safe and responsible way to dispose of items you no longer want or need and is offered at no additional charge.

Recology will take up to two cubic yards (3ft. x 3ft. x 6ft.), or the equivalent of 12 garbage bags (32 gallon size) of bagged, boxed or bundled garbage, recyclables or compost. Recology drivers cannot pick up loose items that are not bagged, boxed or bundled. In addition, they will also take:

  • One large appliance such as a washing machine, clothes dryer, refrigerator or freezer
  • One bulky item such as a mattress set (mattresses and box spring), one piece of furniture such as a recliner or desk, or tires (up to four)
  • One e-waste item such as a computer, computer monitor, microwave or television

Before you call Recology, be prepared with an accurate list of items you want picked up. 

So.....what if you have more than two cubic yards of stuff to get rid of? No problem, says Recology--- you can choose to use both of your free pick ups for the year in one day. When scheduling your pickup appointment, simply let the Recology representative know you are combining both pickups.

To make an appointment, click here.

For more information, visit the Recology Bulky Item Pickup Web Site.


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