Hiller Food Trucks Attract Happy, Hungry Crowds

The year-round food trucks are a big hit at Hiller Aviation Museum. What are you doing for lunch today?

Like a convoy of multi-flavored, multi-ethnic, multi-delicious restaurants on wheels, the gourmet food trucks that roll into the parking lot of Hiller Aviation Museum every Wednesday have created a following of foodie true-believers.

"I am on my way back to Menlo Park, so I thought I'd stop by for lunch" said food truck diner Janice Wacha.

Waiting in line for the Vietnamese truck, Wacha says she's probably frequented the food trucks five times in the last few months. "My favorite is The Chairman, but I had that last time, so I'm trying something new today."

The concept of a variety of food trucks showing up in one locale to feed hungry lunch or dinner crowds is not new, but it is a bit unique to find them in the parking lot of an aviation museum.

Hiller Aviation Museum's vice president of operations, and organizer of the food truck lunch service, Willie Turner, thinks having the food trucks parked weekly in the museum's parking lot is a natural fit.

"We look at it as a community thing," said Turner. He explained that although it's great to give the museum a bit of exposure, that's not the main goal of the moveable feast.

"It brings an awareness to the museum, but it also gives people an option for lunch. There aren't too many places on this side of the freeway to eat," said Turner.

"We get a good business crowd-- people from EA (Electronic Arts), Oracle, and other businesses in the area."

"In the summer we'd have lots of parents who would bring their kids over for lunch then stay for a tour of the museum," Turner said.

Turner said they try to rotate the trucks every 2-3 weeks to keep the variety fresh and during the summer months there are six or seven trucks each week. In November, they cut back to five trucks and set up tables in the museum's lobby in case of rain.

"We get lots of positive feedback and lots of 'thank-yous' from people," Turner said.

The food trucks are available at Hiller Aviation Museum on Wednesdays year-round from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Hiller Aviation Museum is located at 601 Skyway Rd. in San Carlos. For more information, go to www.hiller.org.


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