Will Caltrain Add Wi-Fi?

Requested by riders for years,Caltrain is seeking funding to make it happen.

Maybe local commuters spend upwards of an hour every day on Caltrain, but are met with a “No signal” message if they try to connect to a wi-fi network on their laptops.

Caltrain, which carries passengers from San Francisco to tech-savvy Silicon Valley, is considering wi-fi, but the estimated $3 million retrofit currently costs too much, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

Caltrain recently hired Singer Associates to put together a package to present to companies like Google, in hopes of gaining sponsorship for a wi-fi initiative.

In 2006, Caltrain ran a pilot test for wi-fi, but the effort ran short due to a lack of funding. For years, wi-fi has been the most requested service on Caltrain, with 500 riders emailing them in November 2011 through advocacy group Friends of Caltrain.

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Harvey Weinstein December 19, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Why can't people buy their own internet service instead of taxpayers footing the bill? This may have been helpful 10 years ago but today is not necessary. Instead, Caltrain should provide more seats. I need to stand our sit on the floor 50% of rides. This makes it difficult to open the laptop and use the Internet.
Mike S December 19, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Ask Samtrans/Caltrain how much money they have already spent on consulting to have a non functional system. They have a Connecticut based It consultant on staff since 2010 who gets $300 per hour on a cost plus fixed fee 10% profit contract with an un audited overhead rate, no requirement to submit timecards, no progress reports, and no deliverables. This consultant has an $8.5 million contract to do this type of work. The problem isn't the Internet it's the lack of transparency at this burecratic agency that exists to serve the executive level staff and chosen consultants.


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