Ashton Kutcher spotted in downtown Palo Alto

Are you a fan?

Ashton Kutcher got his sweet treat fix Friday afternoon at in downtown Palo Alto.

The actor looked thin.... perhaps losing weight in preparation for playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie, "Jobs." Film production is slated to begin in May.

Kutcher was sporting jeans and a plaid blue shirt and sauntered into the frozen yogurt shop at about 2 p.m. with an unidentified woman.

"He just had his head down and didn't really look up at me," said Yoppi Yogurt employee Jesse Wiley."

"He refused tester cups - just mixed and matched a bit of everything, it was massive, a $10 yogurt."

Wiley said it seemed as if Kutcher just wanted to get his yogurt and dash, and as soon as his handler came in and said "Ashton, let's go," that's just what he did.

Kutcher could be seen walking briskly down University, head down, eating his fro yo, and then jumping into the backseast of a black Lincoln Navigator.

The actor has invested in many Bay Area companies, including , based in Palo Alto.

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