San Carlos Week of the Family–Jan 25-Feb 1

     Fifteen years ago, a small group of civic-minded San Carlans came together with the idea to set aside a special week in the year to support and celebrate “the family.” The focus encompasses all families in whatever form they take because families come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone in our community is encouraged to participate!

     Mid-year, a small group of volunteers gather to form the Week of the Family committee, to set a monthly meeting schedule and to begin to sketch out the week’s activities. Events that make the cut support the goal: to support, promote, and honor the spirit of family in our San Carlos community...and to have lots of fun!

     Schools, local businesses, churches and community groups are contacted and soon the week’s schedule takes form. Businesses donate support, participation, and offer discounts on special days. Venues are donated. Volunteers step forward to coordinate each activity or event. Everything comes together and, poof, the last week of January is here!

     Unique events are offered each day of this week—participate in all, some or one! Some require participants to register. To view the week’s events, go to www.sancarlosweekofthefamily.org. Click on an event to bring up details and the REGISTER button (if applicable).

San Carlos Week of the Family

Jan. 25—Feb. 1, 2014

...another reason San Carlos is my hometown!


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